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 Wholesale Corner

BAHAMAS Columbus Set of 5 Different Mint NH Topical Souvenir Sheets. #644,667,692, 729, and 753. Scott Value is $46.50 per set. I am offering 10 Mint NH Sets worth $465. Scott value for only $40.00 Buy now!

Great Wholesale Value lot for resellers and traders – you get
100 EACH
of 34 Different MINT NH British Colonial Pictorials. That's a total of 3400 Mint Never Hinged Colorful - Topical British Colonial Stamps. $3125.00 Scott retail value. A great lot ready to break up for resale – your cost only $199.00
Buy Now

CZECHOSLOVAKIA 100 Each of 25 Diff Mint Stamps (2500 Stamps) $2430. Scott Value all for only $129.95 Buy Now

GUYANA  Mars Meteorite - Souvenir Sheet Guyana GUY0202SS

Wholesale Lot of TEN of these Mint Mars Souvenir Sheets
All Ten are yours for only $5.95
Buy now!

GUYANA CATS SET of 3 Mint NH. #929 Scott Value $3.50
Wholesale lot of 100 Sets for only $29.00
Buy now!

GUYANA -1983-

 BLOCK of Four MINT NH Stamps.
This is a fabulous looking
stamp block especially useful for promotions. I am offering a
WHOLESALE LOT of 100 Mint Blocks for only $99.00
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UNITED STATES #3205C MINT Tweety Imperforate Stamp (right side of the Souv Sheets) 10 for $9.95  100  only $89.95 Buy Now

UNITED STATES #3306C MINT DAFFY Imperforate Stamp (right side of the Souv Sheets) 10 for $9.95  100  only $89.95 Buy Now

KYRGYZSTAN #118 (CTO) DINOSAURS Set of 6. Catalogs $5.75 per set. We're offering 10 sets $57.50 Catalog Value for only $4.99 Buy now!

NICARAGUA #1821-6  6 Values FAUNA CTO Sets. Scott value is $1.75 per set. We offer 100 sets worth $175 CV for only $9.95 Buy Now

ROMANIA DINOSAUR SETS 1993 Cancelled Sets of 6 Dinosaur Stamps. Scott #3845 - 3850. Scott Retail Value $1.20 Per Set. This offer is for 100 Sets worth $120.00 Scott Retail Value. A colorful topical premium offer. Buy 100 Complete Cancelled Sets Now for only $24.95 Buy now!

ST THOMAS & PRINCE #1237-1241 Mint NH Complete Set of 5 Animals + Lions Souvenir Sheet. Scott Value is $26.00 Per set. I am offering a wholesale lot of 100 sets worth $2600.00 Scott catalog value for only $249.00 Buy now!

TOPICAL SOUVENIR SHEETS Wholesale Dealer Lot of 10 Each of 100 Different Topical Souvenir Sheets. Great for resale, premiums, promotions, trading etc. Total of 1,000 Souvenir Sheets for only $195.00 Buy now!

for dealers - future dealers - traders $1695. Catalog Value Lot

 if you need wholesale priced stamps for premiums, gifts, donations etc and can use  mostly 20 of a kind - our choice we're offering a Wholesale priced stamp job Lot containing $1695.00 Scott Catalog value including complete sets, singles souvenir sheets etc These are mostly CTO Stamps although there will also be some Mint Stamps included.
   all yours for only $49.95

USA Thomas Jefferson Used Coil Stamps #842 LOT of 100 Retail Value $25.00 Issued 1939.3rd US President. Author Declaration of Independence. Great Old Time Historical Stamp for promotions, crafts etc.  100 for $2.00 Click Here to Buy 100 Buy now!
 1000 for $18.00 Click Here to Buy 1000 
Buy now!

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