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Warning: the best deals can disappear at anytime. Quantities are limited and  Specials sell out.  Prices can change due to market conditions and the cost of obtaining new stock.  Your Treasure Hunt can provide Great Deals... If you see something of interest you should order soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

LOW PRICED FLAT RATE SHIPPING is only $4.00 to anywhere in the USA
No matter how much you buy from our on line stamp and first day cover offers.

 AUSTRALIA  1000 Different Stamps For only $49.95  Buy Now

BELGIUM 1200 Different Stamps $99.00 Buy Now

BRAZIL 100 Different Mint Pictorials Super Value $9.95 Buy Now

BRAZIL  300 Different Mint Pictorials for only $59.95  Buy Now

BULGARIA Huge Collection of 1500 Diff Only $129.00  Buy Now

CAMBODIA 200 Different Large Pictorial Stamps $9.95 Buy Now

CANADA Deluxe Collection 533 Different. One of the most magnificent high quality collections of used Canada you will ever find. Condition is SUPERB.  SPECIAL VALUE  $29.95  Buy Now

COLOMBIA Old Time Collection 400 Different from 1940's and 1950's $39.95 Buy Now

CONGO 64 Different (12 Sets) all nice Topicals $9.95  Buy Now

GHANA 200 Different Stamps $44.95  Buy Now

GREECE 100 diff Commemoratives over $25.00 Retail Value for only $10.00  Buy Now

GRENADA 300 Different Large Size Topical Stamps $29.95   Buy Now

100 DIFFERENT MINT NH Mostly older Guatemalan pictorial and commemorative issues
ONE Collection of 100 Different Mint for $9.99  
Buy Now

GUINEA 15 Different Mint Stamps worth over $39.00 Retail Value for only $8.95 Buy Now

ISRAEL Collection of 110 Different Mint NH Commemorative Stamps With Tabs. Only $37.00 Buy now!

JUGOSLAVIA Collection of 300 Different Stamps $19.00 Buy now!

LIBYA MINT SET COLLECTION One Of our most popular offers ever Here's a great Topical Mint Never Hinged Complete Set Collection containing  36 Different Mint NH Complete Sets. You'll get over 200 Different Mint NH Stamps valued at about $120. Scott catalog value. The Topical Variety is stunning. Featuring Mosques, Planes, Flora, Volleyball, Cycling, National Games, Opec, Ships, Battles, Animals, Fish, Paintings, Water Sports and more. These attractive colorful Mint Sets are missing in many collections and the entire lot is yours for only $39.95  Buy Now

LIECHTENSTEIN  - one of the hardest nations to get
200 Different.  Liechtenstein Great Packet $39.95 Buy Now
333 Different   Liechtenstein Excellent value $89.00 Buy Now

MALTA  Very nice collection of 100 diff for only $8.95 Buy Now

MEXICO 100 diff Mint topical commemoratives $12.00  Buy Now

100 Different $5.00  Buy Now
 200 Different $10.00 Buy Now
SUPER COLLECTION of 1000 DIFFERENT all MINT STAMPS  for only $59.95  Buy now!

MOZAMBIQUE 165 Different Stamps (CTO) all complete sets from 1977-2001. Birds, Flowers,Sports,Cats,Fish,Dogs, and much more. $207. Scott retail value all for only $19.95  Buy Now

NETHERLANDS 1000 Different Mounted only $195.00  Buy Now

NUDES  230 different large size topicals. $14.95  Buy Now

POLAND 198 Different Old time Stamps $9.95  Buy Now

PORTUGUESE COLONIALS very hard to get collection. 100 different stamps for only $10.00   Buy now!

RUSSIA  Collection of Over 200 Diff stamps, approx fifty different sets. This collection starts in 1969. Mostly commems plus some airmails. Great Value for only $19.95  Buy Now

SOUTH KOREA 500 Different Stamps for only $129.00  Buy Now

SWITZERLAND 100 Different Stamps $4.95 Buy Now

SWITZERLAND 200 Different Stamps $10.00 Buy Now

SWITZERLAND 200 Different SEMI POSTALS $28.50 Buy Now

SWITZERLAND  500 Different Stamps $24.95 Buy Now

SWITZERLAND 1000 DIFFERENT Stamps only $179.00  Buy Now


1000 Different United States Commemoratives
All yours for only $59.95

Huge Collection of 1000 All Different USA Commemorative Stamps. All off paper ready for your to add to your collection.
Valued at $250.00 catalog value.
Buy in a packet like this and get much more value for your collecting dollar.Only $59.95
Buy now!


WORLDWIDE OLD TIME LOT 150 Different Stamps all from diff nations and all issued BEFORE 1940 !  Many seldom seen.  A great find for only $39.95  Buy Now

WORLDWIDE All Before 1950. This is a great premium valued collection of 500 Different Worldwide Stamps all of which were issued before 1950. We have a very limited supply of these fabulous old timers to help you build up your older stamp issues at very low cost. All 500 Old Time World Wide Stamps for only $59.00
Click here to buy your old time 500 Different Collection now Buy now!

2000 Different
Worldwide Stamps ALL WELL OVER 50 YEARS OLD. Want to add a tremendous amount of real old time stamps to your collection ? This is the way. We just found these in an old time stock estate we purchased. Only a few available.  $199.00 Buy now!


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